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LEAVES EYES, MaYan&Almanac join forces for European tour in April / May 2018

Symphonic Viking metal kings LEAVES EYES will embark on a European run titled Tour Of The Dragonhead in April and May. Co-headliners will beMaYaN, the band of Epica mastermind Mark Jansen. As special guests, Almanac - led by Victor Smolski (ex-RAGE) - will be completing this touring line-up by performing songs of their sophomore record »Kingslayer«.

Elina Siirala / LEAVES EYES: We are looking very much forward to the upcoming?Tour of the Dragonhead and playing the fantastic songs of our new album SIGN OF THE DRAGONHEAD live on stage. It will be really great to meet our fans and friends around Europe and having such a great package with Leaves Eyes, MaYan and ALMANAC! See you all on tour!

Alex Krull / LEAVES EYES: We are really excited about this tour, the new album?SIGN OF THE DRAGONHEAD is out now and we can?t wait to celebrate the new songs with our fans across Europe! What a great package! Joining forces with our friends of Mayan and Almanac will be very special! We know each other for many years and wanted to tour together for a long time. Victor is also working together with us on the orchestral recordings for our albums since the Nord album?. So let?s start a great Viking party!

MaYaN s Mark Jansen stated: I m looking forward to this co-headline Euro tour with LEAVES EYES! I ve known these guys for many years already and we ve often talked about touring together, but it hasn t happened until now. So finally it s going to happen! We will play 1 or 2 brand new songs on this tour as well. The awesome band ALMANAC will also join us. There s a lot going on around MaYaN at the moment, and at the end of January, Ariën van Weesenbeek will start with the drum recordings for the new album! We have some great ideas and wild fantasies in mind for this album - so stay tuned! We will release the album in September of this year and after that there will be more tours to come! Cheers to our MaYaN tribe and see you onthe road!

ALMANAC s Victor Smolski added: Hi everybody, I m very excited to announce that ALMANAC will go on tour to present our new songs from the»Kingslayer« CD live! Together with our friends from LEAVES EYES, for whom I ve recorded the orchestral parts on their records for many years now, and the great symphonic death metal band MaYaN from EPICA mastermind Mark Jansen - we ll tour throughout Europe in April and May. Check the dates and we ll see you there!


MüNCHEN - Backstage Halle
Backstage Halle, Reitknechtstrasse 6, 80639 MüNCHEN

Leaves'Eyes + MaYan + Almanac - 24.04.18 (Di) - 19:30
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Termine in Deutschland:

FRANNZ Club, Schönhauser Allee 36, 10435 BERLIN

Leaves'Eyes - 03.05.18 (Do) - 19:30
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ERFURT - Club From Hell
Club From Hell, Flughafenstraße 41, 99092 ERFURT

Leaves'Eyes, Mayan, Almanac - 02.05.18 (Mi) - 19:00
>> Kategorie 1 - Stehplatz: € 28.75 - Tickets kaufen
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TUROCK, Viehofer Platz 3, 45127 ESSEN

Leaves Eyes&Mayan - 26.04.18 (Do) - 19:30
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KNUST, Neuer Kamp 30, 20357 HAMBURG

Leaves'Eyes&Mayan + Support: Almanac - 01.05.18 (Di) - 19:30
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KUBANA Live Club, Zeithstraße 100, 53721 SIEGBURG

Leaves'Eyes Co. Head Mayan - 25.04.18 (Mi) - 19:30
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WEINHEIM - Cafe Central Weinheim
Cafe Central Weinheim, Bahnhofstraße 19, 69469 WEINHEIM

Leaves'Eyes, Mayan, Almanac - 04.05.18 (Fr) - 19:30
>> Kategorie 1 - Stehplatz: € 28.20 - Tickets kaufen
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